Give and take…

So, I had an emotional meltdown yesterday. I have been working really hard, being really good with the money coming in, trying to figure out the stupid Stratus, and and and… Anyway, my paycheck came yesterday. I had enough that I decided I could finally replace my phone that has been trying to die. I finished work, went to Best Buy and bought myself a T-mobile prepaid phone (we have Net10 for our service provider. they want too much for their phones). A LG Optimus L90. I immediately transferred my SIM and micro SD card into it and plugged it in to charge while running around taking care of some errands. Once fully charged, I set up some of the features so I could use it and figured I would finish the set up once I was home. I stopped at a convenience store for something to drink because I was feeling dehydrated (thanks to having to drive around with the heat on in upper 80 degree weather). I placed the phone on the dash. When I got back in the car, I forgot the phone was there and took off. The phone sailed across the dash and right out the window where it shattered. (see photo below)

My 3 hour LG Optimus L90

My 3 hour LG Optimus L90

This was the final straw on the stress pile and I came unglued. I haven’t done anything special for myself in months and this seemed like a good route to take since it is a needed item for work.  Something special for me and a responsible purchase at the same time…win-win. Unfortunately, not so much. 😦

On a lighter note, I bought a bottle of K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair this morning. The car is no longer overheating and I no longer have to drive around with the heat on. Sweet.

K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair

K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair

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6 Responses to Give and take…

  1. designandrea says:

    oh, goodness, sorry about the phone. Maybe you could take it to Best Buy? Sometimes they do exchange it if you still have the receipt – may as well try it!

    At least you have one victory with the overheating problem. Focus on the positive, because the rest will be resolved soon.


  2. cozyrosysweet says:

    So sorry that happened to you. Sending you positive vibes and hoping the weekend brings you an unexpected surprise 🙂


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