Celebration and Hopes…

Exchanging rings at our Handfasting

Exchanging rings at our Handfasting

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary! I’d love to say that we have this glorious day of celebration planned but that is not how our anniversary usually goes. For us, its amazing if we remember it on the day of our anniversary instead of a week or two later… 🙂  This is not a bad thing, in our minds. It’s just how it works for both of us.

Today, since it is Saturday and sunny, we will be out painting curb address numbers. Work on our anniversary that lands on a weekend?! Yep. When you are at this end of the financial status, you work when you can. Besides, we have kids to feed and all that.

I am stressing out a bit about a few things. I had to say no for the first time to a clean that I was offered. It’s not scheduled until July 3rd, and I have cleans all the way up until that date, but I am nursing my vehicle along until I get paid so I can replace it. I am hoping it makes it that far.

Our tabs expire at the end of the month and I won’t be renewing them. My poor little van needs more work than I am willing to or can afford to put into it and it won’t pass emissions. I am buying a 3 day trip permit at the end of the month so that I have a few days to find a vehicle.

Seeing as I have cleans, big cleans, scheduled for the first two days of July, the amount of time I have to look for a vehicle will be limited. Two of the cleans are 55 and 57 miles away, which means freeway driving. The front end of the van is failing (a ball joint, a wheel bearing, and ???),which makes the prospect of hopping on the freeway for that distance extremely daunting. I have no other options, though, so I will just have to pray that all goes well.

I hate being in this position, financially. The absolutely smart thing would be to get another vehicle. Unfortunately, I haven’t been working long enough to do that. My next paycheck will allow me to replace the vehicle, but that is still 10 days and tons of miles away. At least, once I make it to that point, I’ll be able to maintain any vehicle I get because of being past the first two paychecks.

Unless, of course, one of those lottery tickets I regularly purchase should pay off more than a few dollars. I’m not talking huge jackpot winnings (though that would be nice!), just a smaller, large-ish winning…say $1500. I’m not counting on that happening, but one can always hope. I despise not having options. Ugh.

Any who…

It’s a beautiful, sunny day out. I am celebrating, if only by recognition and appreciation, 6 years of marriage with Lance. It hasn’t always been easy but the love is true and we make it through the rough patches. My biggest angst is the vehicle, and I think that says things are going pretty well if that is my biggest stressor. Life is good.

It’s the first day of Summer, which is always a great thing. My children are healthy. My dogs are healthy. The cats are healthy. My husband and myself are healthy. I have steady work. There are a million things to be grateful for, and I appreciate them all. My life doesn’t always look amazing from the outside, but, inside, I assure you, amazing doesn’t begin to cover it.

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!!!




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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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4 Responses to Celebration and Hopes…

  1. Tim Taylor says:

    Happy Anniversary!!


  2. karensamenow says:

    I love how you express your inner thoughts. My daughter & her husband are going through much of the same, & it’s stressful for everyone! You solved the problem, & it looks like things are turning around for you, & the family. Stay strong & “positive!” My blessings to you all


    • Thank you so much!! Some days it doesn’t feel so solved but I am grateful that the relief of the efforts is in sight. I think most of my frustration is not being able to travel through time to the point of relief…lol. Good luck to your daughter and her husband!! I hope they find their relief soon!!!!


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