I’m going to have to catch up on today’s Writing 101 assignment later. I have another busy, busy day today…look at a paint job, a little laundry, a clean, and then out to paint curb numbers, providing the weather cooperates. I just HAVE to connect with my blog today.

I know I’ve said it a lot already, but it still holds true…I love blogging. Am I hugely successful at it? I guess that comes with a personal opinion, but I’m happy with it so far. But I’m sidetracking…

Yesterday, curb numbers sucked. For the first time in the 5 Spring/Summers we have been doing this, we got skunked! Not a single curb number was painted. This, of course, means we made no money yesterday. Ugh.

This is the first time we have pursued curb number painting in this area, so we are still feeling out what areas work and which don’t. We happened to hop into a large community area that went quite well when we first started curb painting this year. Since we have completed that area, we have been having to “feel” out prospective neighborhoods. This is almost always a hit and miss situation.

The day before yesterday, we happened upon a small neighborhood, with curbs (did you know that there are TONS of neighborhoods in the Tacoma, WA area that have no curbs?!). We drove through, saw a couple or so older curb numbers, decided to give it a shot. It went ok.

By the time we found this neighborhood, it was a little late. We only had about an hour before it was going to be too late to be knocking on someone’s door, trying to sell them something. We had 4 homes want to paint their curb numbers. With the trekking from house to house, this all took about 45 minutes. We gratefully decided to stop after the fourth one and return the next day to finish out the neighborhood.

We arrived back at said neighborhood yesterday with plenty of time. Out of the van, curb painting bag on shoulder, Lance being the sales person (as always), and me the curb painter. Lance knocked on every single door left available.

Not everyone was home from work, yet, but there were a number of people home. Not one wanted their curb numbers painted, which always baffles me since most don’t already have one, old or new. Perhaps this part of the neighborhood feel invincible or …well, I don’t really know what makes someone say no, honestly.

We tried another neighborhood with the same result. Frustrating. And, as I said in the beginning, a first for us. The closest we have ever gotten to being skunked before, about four years ago, was a day when all we got was one curb. At least then we could go with we had never been skunked.

So, my followers and readers, wish us luck out there today. We definitely need it, it would seem. Thanks!!!


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2 Responses to Skunked….

  1. Tim Taylor says:

    Good luck in your endeavors out there today and I would say you’re pretty successful at your bloggin’ 🙂


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