Field of serenity…

I love my morning walks with the dogs. This is not news, I know. I guess I’m just feeling really blessed by being able to take the time to get out with them, spend that time completely with them, reconnect with nature, put everything else out of my mind. With my head space being like its been for the last few days, my favorite part of the walk is the field where they get their off-leash time.

I can’t honestly say that this field has anything in particular that most people would find interesting just passing by. In the spirit of complete transparency, I have to admit that it wasn’t much more than a great place to take the dogs to really let them burn off some energy when I first came across it. Its location is perfect. Depending on which way we take, we arrive at the field anywhere from 30-45 minutes into our walk.

There is a great short cut for on the way home if my Tru-dog is a bit too tired for the full walk home. He blew out a hip playing in the snow as a puppy so, at the age of 8 years old (day before yesterday), he has some hip issues, along with a bit of arthritis. We keep him active, but sometimes we have to keep things lighter for him than the rest of the pack.

Any-who… As time has passed and Spring has spread her magic around, the field has developed into a very relaxing and exciting place for me. The field is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 acres, so its huge. We have adventured all over it.

There are trees in some areas, grass and bushes in others, but, for the most part it is grass and wildflowers, heavy on the grass (and Daisys, right now). The field is actually a few lots, two of them 20 acres, not sure on the other, and everything is left to do what it does. This means no one comes in and mows it or tries to pretty it up, despite the lots being up for sale. (Anyone looking for a great place to make a dog park, this would be it.)

As Spring has moseyed through the last couple months, the flowers have changed. Its really amazing to see. I have found some flowers I’ve never seen before and have no idea what they are. Its fun to watch them go through their cycles, from bud to seeding. I have even picked some of the flowers that are new to me to see if they work as a cut flower. Some have, some haven’t.

These you can pick, carry home, then place in water and they will continue to grow like nothing happened.

purple flowers

interesting and beautiful









I picked this one because I have no idea what it is and wanted to learn more about its growing pattern and how it seeds. Its not a pickable flower. The bloom closes within hours of picking and never opens again. The ones in the field are now turning to giant blows!! (picture soon)











This flower you can pick. It has many small buds on it. Any of the buds that have opened will throw their petals to the ground within hours of picking but the remaining buds will bloom!!

soft, paper-like petals

soft, paper-like petals









I find myself so wrapped up in discovering what is new in the field that I lose track of time and, most importantly, lose track of everything else that usually occupies my mind most of the day. This is amazing since shutting my mind off from its constant “what do I need to figure out, fix, change, manage now” loop is something I really find hard to do. This helps me to destress, which in turn, allows me to better figure out, fix, change, manage once the walk is over and it is time to face everyday life, again.

What do you do that helps you find your center?


About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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3 Responses to Field of serenity…

  1. mommyx4boys says:

    I write, or play with my little ones, or pray, or garden. I have a lot of things now that help me when I need em.


    • Very nice! Gardening tends to turn out to be a great problem solving time for me. Whatever is most pressing circles around in the background while I’m tending to the weeds or soil and I always seem to have worked it out by the time I’m done. very centering 😉


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