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The last few days have been a bit of a roller coaster for me, emotionally. Yes, its Spring, I’m bipolar…well, there isn’t enough medication in the world to negate certain factors from the bipolar life. Unless, of course, you are looking to find that vegetative state so often seen on TV sitcoms. I, for the record, am completely uninterested in being in a vegetative state. I like life.

So, a couple of days ago was amazing! The sun was out, it reached 70 degrees, I spent most of the day without obligations to others…*deep relaxing sigh.* Beautiful.

Yesterday. I woke up to the sky being divided in it weather: beautiful blue skies in one direction, potential rain clouds in the other. For a bit, it looked as if the blue skies side would win. I even saw a rainbow on the blue skies side, WITHOUT THE RAIN!! Very nice. The rain didn’t actually come until afternoon. Blah.

Today, it is almost certain it will rain, but the weather in the Pacific Northwest has multiple personalities. Just because Overcast is here right now does not mean Sun will not mysteriously appear at some point, only to be shoved out by Rain. After 24 years of this, I have had an epiphany: bipolar woman (me) probably shouldn’t live some place that the weather is in competition for “Most Bipolar” with her. Hmmm…

Any who…

I’m having a hard time writing this morning. I want to crawl back in bed, but not really. I guess I’m just mostly…bored.

I enrolled in an online continuing education class this morning: A-Z Grant Writing. My husband has great dreams of having his very own intentional community that works with dogs, rescue dogs, to rehabilitate them, get them healthy if needed, train them, and find them forever homes.

Beautiful Luna Lu

Beautiful Luna Lu

The idea is one that sparks my interest. I love dogs. One of our dogs is a rescue and I feel we have done right by her. Some scars take longer to heal than others. I think some scars are permanent. Then, again, Cesar Millan could very well take Ms. Luna to his psychology center and she would be healed from all of her issues. As I cannot afford Cesar, I guess I’ll never know.

The biggest “issue” I’m having with this whole “intentional community” idea of my husband’s is…well, the intentional community. I like having my space. I don’t want to be in charge of anyone else’s space or have anyone trying to tell me how to live in mine. At certain times of the year, having people in close proximity makes it really challenging for me, mentally.

Another “issue” I have with it is the design he has mapped out over and over in his head and on paper. Honestly, his plan probably is

The Yurt

The Yurt

a good one. I just…well…I’m ready to just have a place of my own without the high social factor involved. I think this comes from living in a RV/travel trailer/yurt situation for the past 5+ years.

His design is to have all of the buildings be yurts made out of straw bales with a stucco-type covering. Of course, the plan is for this community to be off grid, self-sustaining, which is great, and a lot of work. Perhaps I just need to see it start happening so that Left foot, Right foot, repeat can kick in.

Does anyone out there have any thoughts they would like to share about intentional communities? Straw bale housing? Yurts? Becoming off-grid and sustainable? I would love to hear the thoughts and ideas of others. Perhaps it will help me is wrapping my head completely around my husband’s dream.  Thanks!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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