wow!!! a month already!!

I can’t hardly believe that I started this blog a month ago! Its been…unique. I love it in so many ways, but I also find that it causes me some angst as well. What do I write about? Will anyone want to read what I’ve written? Am I going to be able to keep this up or will I run out of things to write? Am I doing this right? Is there a bettter way to do this? Yes, these thoughts run through my mind every time I get ready to write a post.

So far, for me, its had some interesting side effects. I have found writing to be very therapeutic, especially when I get likes or comments or, the best, a new follower. The whole process seems to be helping me see that the thoughts that are running around in my head, my perspective on my life, are not just mine alone. Well, at least 17 people have found my posts interesting enough to follow the blog. Thank you for that.

Every post is initiated with feelings of excitement and dread, and finally the surge forward into just writing it. This is a process I have become very familiar with, though not in this way. Life has thrown so serious curve balls at me, my family, over the last 5 or so years and I have had to learn how not to let the biggest of them completely disable me. I’ve had to learn how to accept disappointment as gracefully as possile when it happens and keep moving forward. Left foot, right foot.

The past 5+ years have also showed me that, despite it all, at my core, I care. A lot. And that I have a strong sense of spirituality that is a part of me, even when I don’t want to act in a spiritual manner.

Now, before anyone mistakes this for a religious thing, let me clear that up. Spirituality does not equal religion, in my opinion and experience. Spirituality is that part of you (or maybe its just me) that KNOWS, without doubt, if the action being prepared to be taken by you, or the one being used toward you, is inherently good or bad.

I have definitely tried the religious route in a few different ways. I was part of a Christian discipleship for a short period of time. I spent a few years following a metaphysical path that really spoke to me (for the curious, Wicca). I studied with a high priestess and Reiki master. I’ve read much on Buddhism and, though I do meditate some, I never quite got into it. In the end, the metaphysical seemed to be the closest to what felt right, deep in my heart and soul.

The path I walk now is one that is guided by what fills me up with peace and serenity. This looks a lot like regular every day life with the goal and desire to get out into nature at least once every day. My dogs are a huge part of my spirituality. I learn so much from them. Those who have a dog (or more) know what these little shammans bring to a life.

My camera is a part of the process for me. It makes me not only focus my attention but look at things from a different perspective. I am not a stellar photographer, but I enjoy it.

Where will it lead?

Where will it lead?

Its Spring so this brings in another avenue to take care of myself spiritually: gardening. There is just something so…restorative…about getting down and working with the Earth. Wrapping your hands in the dirt, planting flora, putting seeds in the ground and watching them poke their little noses through the dirt then throw out their arms in a celebration of life. I completely dislike weeding, but it is part of the process and gives me chance to check on my plants from a view point I don’t normally look at them from. A garden can be an amazing temple without the walls.

I think these things help me remember that we are all connected, or, at the very least, we are not really all that different on the inside. We all want to have a happy life. We want love. We want acceptance. We all display dissatisfaction in primarily the same way with our own flavor attached.

Before I start getting too controversial, I’ll stop. I want to thank everyone that has stopped by. To my 17 (so far!) followers, thank you, again. I am honored.

Now, what to write about next…

About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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2 Responses to wow!!! a month already!!

  1. Tim Taylor says:

    I liked this … a lot 😀


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