A fork in the road…

So, I spent the last few posts giving you a feel of the beginnings of my path. There are parts of it that I know I just glossed over and there are reasons for that. Some of them are personal, some are…well, I guess still personal with overthinking attached. I believe in transparency, but some things are just for me to learn from and take that knowledge with me.

I am anxious to get my next post up (which, TA DA! This is it.) but I am uncertain of where I want to start and which direction I’m going to take. Do I start with moving into the ’68 Winnebago in January 2009 and go from there? Or do I start with another topic?

Over the past 8+ years, there have been a number of things that I have immersed myself in gaining knowledge of, whether for survival or simple curiosity. Dogs, internet marketing, RV living, organic gardening, sustainable living, real estate, criminal justice, starting a business, employment states in different states, and the list goes on. Which topic(s) have I researched the most? Honesty, dogs would be the one I’ve spent the most time Googling – breed info, training tips, homemade dog food and treats recipes, and natural health care. The second top Google search, for me, would probably be a three-way tie between organic gardening, sustainable living, and RV living. Of course, there is always a search for free or next to free items or info that help keep this boat afloat.

Lets look at these topics closer, as they relate to me:

– Dogs: I think I could probably never get tired of learning more about dogs and writing about them. They truly are my first love. We currently have 4 large dogs with us. When we lost our house in January 2009, there was no question that my German Shepard mix, Truman (Tru-dog), would be moving into the RV with my husband and myself, despite the RV only being 22′ long. If I had to chose between people and dogs, I would probably pick dogs – there is no guessing with a dog; you know where you stand with them at all times.

– Organic Gardening: I love to garden. The feel of the dirt running through my fingers and the feel of it beneaath my feet provide such an over-all sense of well being for me. I’m a nature girl at heart. I love seeing seeds I’ve planted poke their little sprouting noses through the ground. The first little budlets on fruit trees as it heads toward Spring bring a smile to my face and a sense of hope. Seeing the plants I’ve started as they grow and to see the health of them radiating from them creates a sense of peace in me. I love all there is about gardening (ok, except weeding…ugh). With all of the readily available information about the effects of chemicals on plants, learning how to protect, feed, and maintain whatever I grow just makes sense. Finding reputible companies for heirloom seeds to avoid GMOs also just makes sense to me.

– RV Living: Living in an RV has definitely been a learning experience for me. There is way more to it than I ever knew before. Honestly, before living in an RV myself, I had no idea anyone actually did. Holding tanks, where to park, how to organize for optimal space usage, cooking, showering, correct plug-in amperage…This seems like an endless list of things to me and the knowledge continues to grow all the time. Despite this being my everyday life, I’m not sure how much I could truly write about it. Perhaps just wriiting about my own personal experiences, the good, the bad, the (now) utterly hilarious.

So, there it is. I’m sure I’ll come to a decision in a day or two about which path to write about. Maybe I’ll need to rearrange the site, add pages for different topics. First, I’d love to hear what interests YOU, the reader. Pleaase leave me a comment below about which direction you think I should take and/or what it is you would be interested in reading.

Thanks for stopping in! Have an unbelieveable day that leaves you smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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4 Responses to A fork in the road…

  1. I’m an organic gardener myself. I also love love love when seeds first germinate and the poke their little noses (that’s the best way I’ve ever heard it put, by the way.) through the soil into the sunlight. :)🌱💕


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