Hard lesson learned young…

Growing up, we couldn’t have cats and/or dogs. My step-dad is allergic, so that left pets such as goldfish and hamsters. My mom has a bird phobia from her childhood, so no birds. I always longed for a cat or a dog, but loved my hamsters and goldfish.
At my dad’s, we could have dogs and cats. My step-mom had a little dog, Biscuit, and my step-sister had a cat for a while. I lived with them my 8th grade year and, as dogs were naturally drawn to me, brought home every stray dogs I could and pleaded to keep each one. The answer was always no.
My dad and step-mom were in the habit of going for a walk every night. One night, when they returned, there was a large dog with them. He was black and brown, young (I’d say around 2 years), and adorable. My step-mom had let him follow them home, believing the dog would be her dog. It became apparent quite quickly that he had someone else in mind.
Thursty (Thurston Wilaby Hobo, the first) followed me everywhere. I never had him on a leash. I didn’t need to. Where I went, he went. Thursty wouls follow me to school and be at home when I got there. I’d sneak out my window to go ‘get in trouble’ and Thursty would wait outside of wherever I went. Pretty awesome dog.
Then, one day, thursty followed me to school. He always did except this time he kept trying to follow me inside. After about the 10th time of walking him back out, I was frustrated. I was already late for class and I couldn’t understand why Thursty wasn’t listening to me. He always did exactly what I told him.
I lost it and will regret that for the rest of my life. I screamed at him to go home. I screamed at him to go back where he came from. I smacked him on the nose, once. As I started to turn to go back into the school, I felt the pain I had caused Thursty. When I looked back at him, he looked so dejected…ears down, head lowered, wide eyes. All his happy was no longer visible at all. I immediately threw my arms around him and told him I was sorry. “I need to get to class and I can’t bring you with me. Please go home and I’ll see you after school.” I tossled his ears and ran into the school. I never saw Thursty, again. His name tag I had ordered for him showed up the next day. The devastation was intense, and the guilt. All I wanted was my dog to come home and forgive me for being mean. I think of him often.

About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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